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christian le surf – not god. lyrics


she got sentenced to a life where conforming to the m-sses and their social madness is, in retrospect, the most self-indulgent and “innocent” thing to do

and i don’t think she understands how much pressure she can put on our glorious leader if she doesn’t follow all the trends, press all the numbers and send it all to mission control

look, honey, it’s perfectly straight forward: curate your scheme, educate the leader, brainwash everyone in a 100-mile radius and get the f-ck out of here

and i understand that you don’t want this, but that man has the cruel ability to create a little god in his mind and craft all kinds of glorious deeds such as possessing the public and screenshotting his private affairs

but, it’s fine. i’m certain of this. we are students; students of the criminally undead and the mentally perverted, crushing the souls of unimportant fantasies about colours, sex and control

and if i’m the guard at the front gate, what the hell does that make you? god? are you sure? because i think that our glorious leader would have something to say about this

let me run your list one more time…: the state, satire, power, greed, violence, money, control, saturation, sex, possession, media, society, culture, age, death. do you even know what you are? not god