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christopher sean – follow the morning star lyrics


sad girl, another night on her pc
“not so bad,” she thinks, “it’s an upgrade from tv”
it’s true, people been lonely since the dawn of time
“if you show me yours,” she types, “i will show you mine”
but she knows cyber sex isn’t what it’s all about

girl, turn it off and shut it down, tonight you gotta get out

daniel, he learns languages in his sleep
but the girl he’s seeing calls him ‘crazy creep’
and despite his french and latin, he doesn’t understand at all
that to get the girl you deserve you must learn to stand tall
“is she the one for me?” he asks, you know he has his doubts

danny boy, you’re just her toy, soon she’s gonna throw you out

so this morning, the sunrise looks wonderfully unreal
when god gives you something, he’s not trying to make a deal
still i think about the things i’ve bought and those i’ve sold wholesale
not appreciating a single one like a drunk in the county jail
but life shouldn’t be like prison, and you weren’t born to pout

let the morning star break through your bars, and like the sun – come out