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chrizi – waves lyrics


me and all my mans pushin weight
i got all these bands on my waist
don’t forget the hunnit grand in the safe
money on my mind
b-tches hit my line all the time
had to stop for a minute so i could flex
all about the checks
i ain’t never heard of disrespect
boy i got your net worth on my neck
did it on my own, i was sitting on the bottom
now i’m sitting in the throne, i’m really in my zone

i think it’s funny when they ask how
i get the money and i cash out
i’m in the sky blowing fat clouds
don’t you pull up on me, sit your -ss down
ey, late at night and i’m still getting litty cuz i took the dark and i made it light
and if you want some great advice, stack your dollars and pay the price yeah
she want my name and my number
i was playing games when i was younger
talking bout the fame i always wondered
now it make it rain with the thunder
pour the sprite and turn it into a potion
life’s a game, i got unlimited tokens
and i’m wavy like i live in the ocean
bought a rolley just cuz it was golden aye
i make the city go crazy
turn ya girl into my lady
thank you to anyone who’s ever payed me
there’s n-body who’s ever disobeyed me, nah
whole team living luxury
just how i knew it was gonna be
getting these dollars is fun to me
if you’re not me then you’re under me