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chronic future – the majik lyrics


here i come rock steady
kickin’ a little medley about these times
with these rhymes
that penetrate the system from within
is where you gotta reach inside the mind
something so deep so true
that money can’t buy you
what a complex thought to have a simple mind
a simple life so unwind
let the creativity flow
let the majik take control

let the majik take over
time is beyond control
it’s so complex to
be a simple soul

what we gonna do
about these times that we’re in
so much to do and nowhere to begin
the search for the truth
never ending let’s quit these foolish games
and stop pretending to live
the perfect life, the perfect life
the american life
this search is not about america
and it’s not about the earth
it’s about the universe


be a simple soul and give up control

the time is now to solidify out actions
actions will be bringing positive reactions
that’ll change the minds of the skeptics
who’d like to see the world living the american