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chvcks – simple life tour lif3 lyrics


[verse 1: chvcks]
rolling through united states
diesel on my wrist i got no time to waste
backwards never, yeah i’m moving forward
nascar, speeding like i’m hughes howard
tallahasee, fl for the sunshine
shorty blowing up my phone, now that’s a hotline
shorty hit my iphone for a fun time
told her like the migos, i need one time
i’m feeling like i’m ironman
flying through manhattan with the boosters coming out my hand
you ain’t got no wings
it’s a simple thing
told you i’ve been getting money since the age of 16
rocket shows
rocket shows
all i do is rocket shows
globe trotting ferragamo sailing down to monaco
next stop calico
i don’t need a vehicle
back down to mexico
throw it up, there it go
never chilling in the city, yeah i hustle hard
maino, came up from the bottom with no bodyguard
kimbo, i’m in hollywood, on the boulevard
a$ap, feeling like i’m rocky how i won the round
i want another round
that toronto sound
we light the skyline
driving in a skyline
i feel its my time
i can’t wait a second
i’m going straight to it
with no detour
simple life we about to hold a world tour
simple life we about to hold a world tour
we wants grammys, we want oscars we want 2 doors
we want four doors
now that’s an encore
yeezy on my feet so now i got the boost
350s on i think i need the boots
750 riding e450
balling like e40 when i turn 40
chugging on a 40 with a hot shorty
smoking cigarettes told her stop smoking
riding through the city with my eyes open
n-body’s hoping that we stop smoking
got the city hot, burning up the flame
number 1 spot that is where i claim
dropping to critical acclaim
raising up the hammer covering exclaim
now we slay so stay in your lane
call me superman i got my lois lane
like a fireman i don’t care who’s to blame
i’m just here to save the game that’s how i made a name
simple life, we are so supreme
simple life, we the dream team
mj, barkley, scottie pippen
when we on the radio i know you listen
shoutout jaay & the blvck show
bring ya eh game if you repping up toronto
money coming in you would think we won the lotto
i am not a playboy but i think i need a grotto
i’m in the zone though
cut by zoro
1995 air max that a dope shoe
got some nmds this week for my birthday
[trails off]