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circaxiii – revelations [i] lyrics


[intro: sample]
(interviewer): there’s a lot of rappers out there who i’m sure you’ve looked up to over the years
but right now a lot of new rappers and older rappers are looking up to you
how do you feel to be like, a living prodigy?
(nas): i mean it’s a blessing. i’m a product of hip hop, know what i’m saying?
i’m a product of the old school & the newest of the new…

[verse: circa]
i watch my life flash before my eyes when i’m in flight
every night when i’m contemplating that empty sight
you dont see the madness, p-ss’ aggressive, savage fight
between myself and others constantly, this isn’t right
yea, so i just get up in my zone
there is no one home when i’m locked inside my dome
just the indigo shining aura that’s more than just a glow
i am more than just a ghost p-ssing through this third dimension
i am more than just a guru to these learnin’ adolescents
i am actually enlightened by some higher being
fighting for a deeper meaning
while these rappers lying ’bout their gleaming
saying “pineal glands are leaking”
f-ck your third eye, it’s just bleeding
and i am feining for some answers
how can i tell the future, but barely p-ssed my cl-sses?
how do i know what is inside the minds i’m p-ssin’
but i cannot fathom why the happy ones are laughin’?
depression that plauges the minds of the strongest in our history
mentally and physically
this winter heat is k!llin’ me
these weak mc’s are visually
the bleakest beings i have ever seen
know that they are never feelin’ me, me , me
i am the one, the singular prodigy that has more than just a gun
violence is no answer, ‘less the question starts none
so if you ever ask why i am blessed don’t ever ask a nun
you will never understand the meaning if you always run from the truth
just know that life is bigger than a booth
know that every word you utter has to hold with more than glue
never lie about your moves
the pen and pad is the stand and the fans are the judge
keep it real and bring the proof, prove that everything is true
i know i do
do you?