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cirrrcle – cycle lyrics


i met her in the circle
she was duck and i was goose
i never knew x2

we would fly
we would glide
we would freak
we would fight though
oh it’s just the d-mn cycle

first they love you
then they hate you
then they love you again
first they love you as friends
then they meet all ya friends
then hate when you chill
so you chill when you can
now we fight all the time
but we chill when we can

d-mn cycle
wrong title
i never seen you as my type tho
3 years later i was dying to date her
oops now she rides right side of a bimmer

imma flip her like drift cars
meateater to vegan
read wood of norwegian
wind is blowin from the aesian
yes we fight yes we cry
but we make up
it’s just another cycle

another round

405 to the west
hold the thought now we rest
dont forget your shades
till we take 110 north lanes
dont be stressed
we be b-mping to our song
and we exit at our favorite boba place

i was writing a script
called tokyo dream skit
while she depicted the future
with a lil kid
i gotta jump or quit

so i decided to take 105 all the way
and we went separate ways
now i’m in so much pain
but i know… it’s just another cycle