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ciscero – kids wear crowns lyrics


[verse 1: ciscero]
n-gg-s got kids, n-gg-s got jobs
be there all day, when n-gg-s got lives
mommy at work, daddy ain’t home
daddy ain’t raise him, so now he raisin’ that chrome
bangin’ that smithin’, that’s just the bane for attention
bud in her spliff, that’s just the bane for attention
n-gg-s be thirsty, they give her praise for admission
shawty ain’t workin’, but she got steak in her kitchen
we call that sodom, gomorrah, sodom, gomorrah
we tryin’ to warn ’em when they get tired of dora
and mommys’ in cl-ss, that teacher ain’t teachin
that prophet just standin’ there, he be tired of preachin’
there ain’t no hope for the poor, our roof is in debts
the richer, the mad; the roofer, the crisp
i ever catch you in that coupe, i’ll leave you toothless in it
i heard we being fed milk but it’s just two percented
okay we lookin’ for truth, it’s right in our face
we lookin’ around us, it put us right in our place
the writings on walls, it won’t be long
until he comes, just move it along
and wear these crowns, crowns, yeah

[break: manny wellz]

[verse 2: asante]
and i woke up wit’ conviction
on time like them vixens
ya’ll rhymes for the misses
i’ll rhymes for the misfits
this be the reason why where we go they in it
packed out shows with niglets doin’ kick flips
sittin’ next to them trap n-gg-s with the business
it’s cool, we all different and somehow coherent
and someday we’ll make it somehow, what’s missin’
outta your memory, but i told you and now we rippin’
brah, we rippin’ every show though
we some real stars out here, no tony romo
i’m sorry, that’s just the red-skins in me
that’s my lesson over this messin’
i’m finessin’ the beat, young
that’s that blessing to me
on, top of that green, that’s that dressing to me
but who cares? these girls hurt with true layers
that’s why i do prayers and stay way from soothsayers
in a form of bluetooth, rude speak and [?]
we make cruel rules and put ’em on you for new shares
the lies leave you cold to true flares, real lies
what’s a god to a non-believer?—still god
i’m still fly, when i see these rappers, i see meal time
your flow is reminiscent of a molly, i’m a pill [?]
say i be k!llin’ ’em in chill time
verses i deliver, i still shine
‘merica got a bit of the habit of tryna’ k!ll kindness
but not him, can’t stop him from makin’ a mil
mindless, like hopsin
new maserati wit’ that box trim
i’m boxin’ to get out of this box
they tried to leave me boxed in
and i try to live right, but i stumble
like doin’ the moonwalk in oversized timbs
style is oc like oversized rims
you’re not cool, i’m ja cool
ya’ll ja like, no ja rule
the hood n-gg-s sayin’ that chya’ll do
the good n-gg-s sayin’ i got juice
this beat is like a nice shoe
and life is just a girl, i’m a stalker
n-gg-s just hangin’ like a nerd in the locker
crowns n-gg-

[outro: ciscero]
until you die, you’ll always wear a crown
it’s on you to believe it or not
many are called, a few are chosen
but they kids wear crowns