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cisco – time flies lyrics


[verse 1: cisco]
that money talk is really getting old/
the smartest thing a rapper’s done is spend it all on gold/
many don’t like what i say, i should start investing/
i don’t believe in luck, i should say thanks for all the blessings/
deep thoughts, digging through them all/
i talk about myself just to piss them off/
life is rough when you’re a gentleman/
my woman is loyal, beautiful, and every other synonym/
i’m only talking to the ones that keep it real/
tell me if you got the time to play mind games/
the ones that miss the parties cause they rather earn some bills/
going at my pace, i know i’m going in the right lane/
left it all behind and i’m going to push it to my limits/
looking at the time when it’s only been a minute/
everything is fine, free ticket, i’m going to fly away/
i find a way to walk it how i talk it, it’s my right of way/
right away i want to ride away into a peaceful place, mane (really far)/
a bit of isolation and nature will beat the pain/
i’m just saying, every g*nius i know has been insane for real/
truth hurts, mine burns, under the ground like i p-ssed away, but wait/

time wasted, time flies x2
clock is running like my mind x2