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cj williams – earth bacon lyrics


[verse 1]
yeah, i got a funny story, i think it’s cool
it goes back to when i was in middle school
our youth group was discussing a bible lesson
i had a friend who wasn’t good at listening
we were learning about matthew 5:13
my friend had to ask, “what does it mean?”
we all had a laugh, thought it was funny
our teacher then explained so we could see
now it made sense, we all understood
we’re to be examples for all the world
it mentioned we’re the salt of the earth
this didn’t make sense, we didn’t know its worth
we all agreed that salt doesn’t taste good
could we be something tastier, with likelihood?
turns out, we talked and made a group decision
instead of being salt, we called ourselves earth bacon

we need to make ’em look and halt
let’s be a little more than salt
tell me now what we are: earth bacon
tell me now what we are: earth bacon

[verse 2]
so can you see, why we made our change?
bacon’s more acceptable even though it’s strange
it’s an item that almost everybody loves
and using it like this can mean it’s coming from above
plus, it’s relatable to
all types of people can eat this type of food
there’s veggie bacon, turkey bacon, pork bacon, you name it
different kinds for different people, partic-p-te and benefit
i know i sound weird, but you know it’s true
even christians can have fun too
it’s just my life is centered on nothing less
than jesus christ and his forgiveness
he died for me, forgave my sins
he conquered death and now i know how things will end
come join us and be forever free from sin
follow him, here have a slice of bacon