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cjae michtavy – cjae michtavy- death of ego (prod. false ego) lyrics


[verse 1: cjae michtavy]

no date in the bio so f-ck what a hoe bout
if i can’t have it why the f-ck you hold out
no f-ck shit baby put it on the table
just one stroke for the betta imma change you
whip souped up she tryn dip like a ladel
taken off designs then do what we made to
then heartbreak no love lost ain’t no stoppin me
still one love but it ain’t no monogamy
on my own so long like acres of property
shout to my nigga swami we both from tha east
love my niggas i dont need to say freeze frame
sublimnally see hate when i throw on these shades
really got the 2020 yall just eye ight mane
sip hops til horizontal defy my height mane
turn heads and b-tch niggas lookin sideways
turn heads yet they can nod deny me
endin careers yet im still a beginna
losin yo chick she can tell he a winna
no stds but i think imma sick f-ck
if she is not bad theres no reason to hitta
i go with my gut and we goin up
i guess you can say that im spittin that spit up
underdog but know i do it betta then
come twice as hard dont expect resurrection b-tch

[verse 1: cjae michtavy ]

they stopped f-ckin with me said we only friends
coldcase holsterin hotshot u won’t be missed
broke phone won’t ring money makes the rolliedex
wipe my -ss with the cash d-mn holy shit
ain’t found father just dollars that won’t be missed
didn’t get too close to his son he no icarus
horcrux made piece to put my soul into this
froze folgers i dispence cold bitterness
give his all he proceeds to show no willingness
to continue like candone whats k!llin him
got played learned lessons no coached instrument
past ceilings just to fiddle with their interests
i dont give a this game im dismemberin
love grows tired im not drove by attraction
-n-l with this rap shit rim i am smashin
wages had to stretch when was it fantastic
loose cannon drive by with my arm out the window
never pumped lead follow heart n push pencils
basis ain’t safe til i gained it theyll get low end
nights on high notes everytime i crush endo
prescious time spent lone stoned now they want appraise
it was rough then still a nigga hardly concentrate
sticks short end gave little f-cks to compensate
on amishin contradictin charged for whats on the page