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cjay – black lives matter lyrics


[intro: cjay]
yeah… something that has to be said ya know?
i guess i’m just trynna be that difference
instead of all this… negativity and wasted energy
just my people moving forward

[verse: cjay]
political views of the m-sses, highly selective of who i choose to chat with
a few adapted in the community the youth is trapped in
figured i could maneuver through the cracks but the government using tactics; got half of us moving backwards
even you would admit your music is wack if you knew what rap was
it’s obvious you got no recollection, you get no respect son
you ought to be ashamed of yourself
praising money like you will be able to go to your grave with your wealth
point is it’s pointless trynna stunt underground
you sold your soul to satan, i’m sorry but my soul is taken by god
which is meant to remain, it’s like the more you put dollars in your pockets you lose the sense in your brain
c’mon use your mind and think and tell me
what is the essential message behind the ink
it’s like my brain can’t cope this
drifting in 2015 but still it’s hard to maintain focus
i’m on a mission, my goal is set
my mother questioned when i’mma go back to school i haven’t told her yet
wouldn’t lie to her so here’s a simple reply to her
don’t ask why i do whatever my heart desires!
and i got the heart of a l. i. o. n
black males dying as a result my people rioting
that ain’t helping, all we doing is helping us fall
if the cops are against us, who else can we call?
no one or nothing’s more corrupt than the system
i preach that one could never have too much of this wisdom
i give it all, it’s up to you if you choose to accept it
claim we got rights but still police refuse to respect it
back then you were able to take the cops on the run
try it now and you will die by the officer’s gun
that’s an experiment you don’t wanna test
take those chances and you will lie in peace with the rest
that’s evil most def
at times i wonder if there’s even hope left
what’s the point of making a peaceful protest
i have to have a reason to roam the streets
when you can get shot down because of your own belief
word to the middle east, stand up for what you believe in
put all your faith in the lord and don’t you ever deceive him
am i truly living if i live in sorrow?
i can make it today but will i live tomorrow?
it isn’t best to speak, or is it the color of my black skin that determines my life expectancy?
judge me today as if my past life shattered
next time you see police, please tell em’ black lives matter

[outro: cjay]
yeah next time you see police… black lives matter
judge me today as if my past life shattered
next time you see police, please tell em’ black lives matter
yeah… next time you see police… black lives matter