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cjay – peace is destroyed lyrics


[intro: cjay]
yeah peace, peace is destroyed
400 plus years we still asking for peace you know what i mean?

[verse 1: cjay]
yo give me your name, number, and your location
can’t be your patience saying you don’t wanna have no relations stand in your place then
while you standing, my hand in your face and baby just make that -ss clap for me and give me a standing ovation
i wanna f-ck you til’ you’re right, f-ck you til’ you’re right
feel your heart madam as you swarm in a form of -rg-sm
sometimes i wish you would love me although i can’t make you
i wanna give you the feeling no other man gave you
is that too much to ask for you’re such an -ssh0l-
if love exists, it would be my drugs; m-th-f-ck tobacco
all i f-ck with is this
if you want me i’ll be in luck if it sticks
nowadays, i question peace does it exist?

[verse 2: cjay]
it’s been 22 years, bout time i had some peace in my life
those who say i’m ahead of my time don’t know how bad i need some advice
now i’m stuck, out of luck in broward but
i would love to say i feel like that homeless man who found a buck
first they lowered my spirits and now it’s up
i’m at the top of my game
old friends asking me, how come i changed
why should i explain? that’s self-explanatory for ya n-gg-
never try p, r, o, p, h, e, c, letter y
f-ck this there’s no justice
that’s why peace is destroyed
i need to avoid police; don’t need to meet with them boys
these days i’m talking just like pac
get slaughtered by white cops and before you know it ya life stops