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cjay – power lyrics


[intro/hook 1: cjay]
yeah… f-ck with me -laughs-
aye i like to give a shout outs to 3point
you did this sh-t… uhh
yo… start it like this

[verse 1: cjay]
ayo even though it’s hidden, my 3rd eye was given to enhance my vision
tri-site eye-site, words worded in 3rd person
verses will soothe you, view it on google or youtube
don’t have to be the dude who uses voodoo to move you
who knew my music’ll make you groove too
there’s no refusal cuz when i’m rhyming
i’m using my oodles of noodles
scoop the p–p of poodle
b-tches be acting like they (sh-t don’t stank)
oooo i confused you
lyrics are crucial, i’m brutal when i slew you
monster i shoot you
serial k!ller sponsored by fruit loops
coo coo for coca cola bottle shaped models
i ain’t biased or one-sided i’m neutral
i blew through rappers, my old school the new school is new to
too fool to comprehend it conscientious henchmen
do the right thing, who cares about what you say like snoop, dre
it’s 187 on a 7 on a cop!

[hook 1: cjay]
okay f-ck with me
who wanna f-ck with this emcee
f-ck with me
ayo son kick that old school sh-t you use to kick back in the days

[verse 2: cjay]
uh uh put your hands up keep em’ forever high
it’s sad they k!lled jazz and soul but i know that hip hop will never die
way back then everybody referred to that dj kool herc dude
he was the first who birthed you uh
in elementary, i remember these days
rap was club music but i would get buck to it
i was only bout’ eight listening to pac’s tape
and that’s the first time i realized hip hop’s great
fourth grade i knew the words to your favorite artist song
i was that little boy that your girl was all up on
in math i failed exams i was spose’ to be acing
i memorized songs but barely knew my multiplications
adults were impatient, tell me why they tried to stop the music
you ought to call it problem solving, hip hop’s got me through it
y’all are stupid talking bout’ influence
what does that got to do with criminals reciting lyrics from rappers, you guys are clueless

[hook 2: cjay]
okay f-ck with me
alright, alright… that’s good
peace is destroyed b-tch

[outro: cjay]
uh peace is destroyed, peace is destroyed
we want the money and the power
hip hop, pow- pow- power
there’s power in everything you know what i’m saying?
real prophecy