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cjay – walked in (freestyle) lyrics


[intro: cjay]
it look like y’all done woke up the rawest n-gg- in broward
apologize to yourself n-gg-

[verse 1: cjay]
aww sh-t real prophecy walked in
thoughts of this world that i’m lost in
i am tired it’s exhausting
why is life hard for this darkskin
as i take more steps 2016 i ain’t blow yet
i’m the most slept on and i can’t forget
rest in peace to bankroll fresh
cuz you could lose your life at any minute said it let me finish
take a cup and fill it up with henny it
pour it out for all my n-gg-s who ain’t with us
that’s a scratch; lose your life when that trigger finger itching
if he said it then he meant it awhh
i got a thing for this b-tch
i ain’t bragging when i say she f-cking with a dragon
but when i got brain from this b-tch
she caught a flame from this d-ck

[hook: bankroll fresh]

[outro: cjay]
dab on em’… that’s all you muhf-ckas get
take these 2016 sixteens hoe