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cjay & scovery d – soul provider lyrics


[intro: cjay]
uh uh uh
scovery d you giving me hope with this jazzy shit
let’s me know that jazz still lives through hip hop
uh… some smooth shit right there
rappers take notes

[verse 1: cjay]
before i got with you god sent me as a prophetic thing
dear misses i kept the wedding ring
you left me but i’m on to better things, just let it sink in
i know which rapper k!lled you but b-tch i’m not a snitch
i never said a thing
doubtful at first, thinking to myself, i wasn’t her type
then i touched the mic and it was love at first site
you’re powerful enough to make multiple n-gg-s sell they soul for you
and once you sell your soul it’s non negotiable
you sign in fine-print before the mind thinks do the right thing
what these opportunities might bring
i like being the one you take site-seeing
i never lived this life before but
i never thought i’d ever wife a wh-r- up
the amount of n-gg-s you f-cked before me
i could only imagine, when i asked you
you told me you haven’t
i’m here to claim you, let it be known i’m the one that owns
i’ve been sent to resurrect you so you can come back home
i love hip hop

[hook: cjay]
you may not know
(what’s that?)
that thing i call my soul, i feel it!
you may not know
(what’s that?)
that thing i call my soul, i feel it!
uh uh uh uh
(i feel it) uh uh
my soul i feel it
uh uh uh uh
not know
(what’s that)