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clarence the kid – i’m the 1 lyrics


initializing sequence…
commencing program…
welcome to digits…
17,280 hours worth of audio content are uploaded everyday to soundcloud alone
with over 10 million creators and upwards of 140 million tracks currently existing in its archives, how will you draw the 175 million monthly users to your music?
what is it that makes one person stand out?

[verse 1]
look, i’ve been working on this music for a minute
getting lifted, waiting on this dream of mine to finally pull through
doing a nine to five and coming home barely alive
and even though i’m sleep deprived i won’t stop doing what i do
it’s been a bit over a year since my career commenced
it’s got me stressed, cuz i ain’t going nowhere and we know that’s true
forget the last three tapes i put out, i’m flipping the script
this new music is what i’m gonna use to prove to all of you
that i can do it, i can make it, i am capable
of working hard to make sure that my rap dream is attainable
it’s unmistakable, i thrive in this music
i’ll die with this music, i get all of my pride with this music, i know
i realize that i’m small right now
but i’m enrolling in the freshman cl-ss for xxl
interviews with complex, chilling out by the pool
at reunions i’ll be stunting on my friends from high school
because ain’t no one believe in me, they was deceiving me
said they supported me but wouldn’t playback my free cds
“fire” was the only word that came from between their t–th
i want some honest feedback you can keep your verbal charity
but now i’m onto better things, and you know that
i’m looking towards the future, ain’t no time for me to go back
so relax and sit back, and listen to my story
i know i’m no one right now but i’m reaching for the glory, uh
my life began when i came out mommas body
in san jose, that’s where i stayed, i grew up and i partied
but i ain’t touch the molly, nor the weed and alcohol
so rapping ‘bout that topic ain’t really in my repertoire
and i ain’t hard, boy i live in the burbs
i ain’t been to the hood, i don’t speak with swear words
i’m a virgin and i’m staying that way till i got a ring
which i guess is cute and all, but actually here’s the thing
if i’m a rapper that’s supposed to be my content right?
turning up at night, girls left and right?
see if i don’t got that experience how can i write?
in my opinion, what i lacking makes my rapping amplified
i’m preaching messages that listeners and inner person fixer-ers
are needing, i’m a seedling sprouting into twenty million words
i’m such a nerd, you’ve never heard of someone like me try to earn
a spot on a list, plotting on this scheme to take off like a bird
it’s quite absurd to think that anybody can do it
anybody can prove that they’ve got what it takes to pursue what
they have been chasing, it’s amazing you can rise from the sewer
and climb the ladder till the air around you starts to get cooler
escalating rung by rung, till you look down at the planet
with all the people looking up to you, the drive and the talent
and all those long nights spent recording in those studio sessions
to beats you shouldn’t have, it’s finally turning into blessings
it’s all becoming real, i kinda feel that it all seemed impossible
the obstacles i faced just made me switch up to a harder flow
i’m wanna show the people everything that i got
i’m up and coming but believe me i’m the one you should watch
said i’m the one
i’m the one
said i’m the one
i’m the one