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clarence the kid – track_01 lyrics


you know people been talking and saying, you know…
where’s josh at? we haven’t heard no content in a minute
how’s he doing? is he doing his thing? is he still making moves?
well i’m here to tell you that i have
clarence the kid is coming…
prepare yourselves

[verse 1: clarence the kid]
finding a good rapper nowadays is few and far between
i am just a kid who’s tryna hop up on the music scene and be the king
but everybody seems like they’ve been doubting me
when i drop the alb-m those same people say they proud of me
that they was clowning me, that they always wanted me to succeed
i rap my inner thoughts so effortlessly i don’t miss a beat
so much fire in my heart that all of y’all can feel the heat
so much p-ssion in my gut that i don’t have no sp-ce to eat
i’m k!lling each and every artist climbing up the totem pole
the people ask me if i’m scared of falling and i tell them no
i’m just scared of rising too high and forgetting who i am
or giving up on my dreams and being forced to work for the man
wait, hold up
i’m tryna paint a picture like cole does
i’m tryna stay woke like the folgers
i’m tryna run the game like lamar does
i just rap my heart on each and every record
blow up overnight i don’t expect it
tryna make a name and be respected
verses bullets careful of my weapons
pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop
man, i’ll die for the music before i’ll die by the cops
i just k!ll it every time, ain’t no chain that i rock
i ain’t rich in the money but i’m rich in my thoughts

[interlude: tyreece santana]
oh man, here comes clarence the kid…
watch out

[verse 2: clarence the kid]
i am on another level intellectually
overcame the devil never let him get the best of me
i don’t have the time to care about the people pressing me
i’m doing what i love and if it’s meant to be, it’s mean to be
i’m out here testing the support i have from all the people
they see the best in me they say my stories all are lethal
they say that clarence will blow up and be as big as beatles
i am only in the bas-m-nt but i’m climbing to the steeple, uh
like a free throw, i’ve been knocked down hard
but bounced back real quick by my faith in god
hit both shots, swish, there’s the applause
i just caught my second wind, now i’m going off, so watch
i may not be the average rapper on the radio
i don’t have much money ain’t n-body out here paying dough
i work and grind and fund my future through money i’m saving up
investing time and money so one day i’ll be amazing, yeah
it’s been a journey, i won’t try to sugarcoat it
i’ve been born, i’ve died, and i’ve survived most everything i go through
if you listen to my anecdotes you know that i’m a soldier
be ready, clarence the kid is finally taking over, uh