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clariyah – love this shit lyrics


he said he love my shit
got him asking for -ssistance
i just treat him like my victim. have him trippin’ while i’m sippin’
i don’t cuff him don’t love him they ain’t getting nothin from me i don’t f-ck him , don’t trust him
i just swerve and take they money
im a bad madathf-cka why you madathf-cka
oh you tried to play a player that’s to bad madthaf-cka
dont apologize for shit that’s the truth from a real b-tch
but girl you better get your man quick let me tell you like dis
i don’t love em , i don’t trust him i just play him like he’s nothing
they thinking that they thuggin so i gotta teach em something. wasn’t like that from the start but i gotta play it hard
got me thinking with my head before they try to break my heart
( i don’t love em don’t love em noo don’t love em i nooo nooo noo noo