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clark savant – better world lyrics


love the world, that we live in
a better world, we must pursue
a better world for you and me
a better world we must achieve

ecosystem, ecoystem
know i do, how bout you
a better world for the kids
we all gotta do our part

verse 1:
one world, one universe
where should i start off first
energy from sun feeds the plants
herbivores eat when they get a chance
scavengers and carnivores, always eat, over n over
last but- not least- can’t forget de-com-posers
species, environment, also communities
lets bring it back to the hook
all in the same world
creates bio diversity
but that’s enough from me
to understand ecosystems
just take a small look


yeah, a better world must achieve
that means, more a-ccount-a-bil-ity
from me and you, corporations too
you can say im hatin’ on degradation
for fiscal reasons of our nation
uh, but no one cares, we all too busy
you can say im in the same boat to a degree
regardless… our planet really need our help
we first gotta change ourselves
keep a eye on what they do
before we try to change it