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clark savant – biggest fan lyrics


hook (from instrumental)
lay you on back, run my fingers through your hair
rub between your thighs, girl i know you like it there
your head rests in my hands, girl i told you i’m your man
kiss your lips so lightly baby im your biggest fan

[verse 1]
lay you on your back, run my fingers through your hair
rub between your thighs, cause i know you like it there
as i look into your eyes, see myself in the glare
got me love drunk baby, my decisions are impaired
and you know that i don’t care, what them haters gotta say
what we feel is everlasting, it will not decay
so im thinking bout today, baby whatcha wanna do
going out is overrated, lets just kick it, me and you
rent a movie maybe 2, lets not leave the bed
a few hours p-ss, and we just shake our heads
neither movie watched, but what did you expect
‘specially when you look like that, and your boy is erect
but its more than just sex, baby girl could be my soul mate
i’m talking 5-star chick, she pull her own weight
she got a car, got a job, and she in shape
don’t do relationships, but this girl i’m gon date

hook (from instrumental)

[verse 2]
kiss your lips lightly, baby i’m your biggest fan
call her hbo, cause she be on d’ man (demand & thee man)
i’m talking bout myself ya’ll cats kidding me?
weight room every day, im her biggest fan literally
and her swag scream ny, sexy, cl-ssy chick, skirt never too short
down to earth though, we eat at the food court
the kinda girl most men in pursuit for
sexy lady and she smart, perfect way she play her part
closest thing to a goddess, with a lion of a heart
that is why i must impart, the way i feel? where to start?
if she was taken from me i would pull a sparta-kiss (sparticus)
cause she the baddest chick, i would k!ll any man just to taste her lip
i would hurt anyone, for one last hug
damage my soul whole, just because…. (fade into hook)

hook (from instrumental)

[verse 3]
yeah, tell me what you wanna do?
its been a year and change, matter fact, almost two
and i’m still loving it, don’t get my words confused
when i say i’m lovin it, you know that i mean loving you
they say love is given, i say that words misused
i don’t believe in love, but i believe in you
and i believe in us, we’re headed to the top
like oj in his bronco, no 1 be making us stop
stay my girl, i’m your man
i’ll keep you fly, peter pan
even though you’re not famous, i’ll be your biggest fan
i’ll get the fame for us both
you’re the captain to my boat
with you i stay a float, without you “i don’t, i don’t know”!!
perfect from swag to timing
you know yours boy’s perfect from the looks to rhyming
get her what she wants, from shoes to diamonds
cause whats a man, without a strong woman behind him…

hook (from instrumental)