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clark savant – i did you wrong freestyle (mims) lyrics


you are watching a master at work

theres many ways to do it, many things to choose with
my flow breeds life, call it amniotic fluid
if you took 2 sips, your rapping would be foolish
you call those punchlines, then i be leaving rappers toothless
son need new teeth, but he can’t afford em
need health care, moma don’t support him
he got a lisp, now whenever recording
i did him wrong, like what ai did to jordan
let me take a couple steps back
oldschool, new flavor, where the a-track
spittin fire, i’mma dragon, betta stay back
getting fatter, eating rappers, where my prey at?
where dey pray at? point me to the church
economic upside, cuz i put in work
call it twerk, call it labor, maybe occupation
and i don’t hit the clubs, way to many situations
good bad, up-down, not talking jersey sh-r-
they the reason, tourist don’t visit jersey more
visit hershey more, im talking bout the park
call me superman, aka mr. clark
at oswego state, yeah you know i’m the man
i run the school, so i hope that ya’ll are track fans
i’m track man, not the trap man
but i got tino’s number you can hit up that man
since im kandu clark, you can call him batman
tino swinging from the chain, yeah he dat man
avoiding haters, sketchy rappas, and em rat man
its over for you funny rappas, tell me where the fat man
i mean the fat lady, you know the one who sings
rap and i got eloped, where the wedding ring?
and what the wedding bring, honey moon, sex and things
divine rapper, step back, let me spread my wings
knowledge in my raps, but don’t you dare call me nerdy
specially when ur styles
handed down like 630
he tried to get wordy
aka verby
he on the ground no casket
yeah i did em dirty
just chillin havin fun
wrote in a couple mins
maybe even less than one
and i’m the freshest one
call me the freshest son
this foreshadowing what is yet to come