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clark savant – stereo hearts freestyle (gym class heros) lyrics


my heart’s a stereo, beats for you so listen close
hear my thoughts in every note. uh-oh-oh-oh
make me your radio, turn me up when you feel low
this melody was meant for you to sing along to my stereo

my heart’s a stereo
not the same as the song, but i’ll explain it though
im feeling strong, while im rappin spittin off my flows
am i wrong? i guess i will never know, so sing along
let me tell ya bout the path i hada walk through
all the social networking, those i talk to
all the adversity, that i fought through
and how this yield this here, what i brought you
here is a story bout a flow getting cold
it touched all the people, no matter how old
bravery unmatched, musta came from his soul
with ideas in this head, which were oh so bold
decided he was gonna rap, started in november
many people make that move he wanna be remembered
pedal to the metal, he was full throttling, to get a foot in the door you boy started modeling
finished up college later that may
worked all summer, still rapping till this day
just tryna get signed, as i work part time
i do for the love of the beat and my rhymes
not yet in the peak of my prime
im still good, but gte greatness on my mind
and i still would, if i wasn’t paid one dime, cuz my dedication is nothing less than sublime

i couldn’t just end it there, theres still more oof my story that i wanna share
achieving dreams, what it seems, maybe too hard, i can’t stop now, i dun came too far
lost 20 pounds, just tryna get the image right
rapping 3-4 hours almost everynight
open mics in the city like 2x a week
save money for the studio and the beats
im going broke man, but its all good fam
my lifes tough but its part of a good plan
to get ahead, be successful at the same time
make sure my family will never have to spend a dime, that’s not mine
my goal, and i will not lose it
i don’t have a life cuz i live for my music
so tell me can i do it? can i reach my goals?
got the looks and the sk!lls, with a p-ssion like coal
that’s burnin, turning, recognition earning
greatness is the goal and for it i am yearning
so i gotta do, what a mans gotta do, sacrifices, working hard, gotta make moves
my heart, is a stereo, addicted to music but this you should know
from the base to the treble, to the mids, n the flow
and how it comes together like a cloth that’s sown
thank you, for taking time outta day
for lending my your ears, hearing what i gotta say
my small take, on this journey called life
how it shapes my world and impact what i write
i impart what i like, on the paper, on the mic
in the sun of the noon, or the eve of the night
do you believe and perceived what i breathe on the mic
if you do take heed, watch me take flight