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classified – cyoa 6 lyrics


yeah [verse 1 – cl-ssified] they might say i lead a simple life, the type that don’t excite and yes i like to smoke more than light ’til night i realize i got a problem, i’m high way too often and only seem to acknowledge it after i indulge in it pull in my driveway, walk through my front door then make a bowl of cereal to conquer my hunger see i like to eat before i slumber brushin my t–th and gettin clean, helps me to find my comfort jump in my bed and turn the tv back on i feel like i was just here, the day don’t ever last long i feel like everyday’s a cycle, i’ve learned to accept it there’s a lot of scenes to see, i need to learn to direct it i turn the tv off and start brainstormin try to figure what i’m gonna do in the mornin i know what it brings, i wonder what’s in store though i wonder what the h-ll i’m gonna do for tomorrow (do for tomorrow …) [male narrator’s voice] goodnight, we’ll see you tomorrow