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clay (alternative) – bars lyrics


all these bars i’m rapping i swear they a straight ten
all these bars that i visit i am getting drunk in
all these beats, i am k!lling em like a do vah kin
fos ro dah, look at ya, weak like a rat in skyrim

this is that league of legends rap, when you low you get ignited
boy i run the f-cking league, i got that corki i am flying
i am flying higher than ever i’m so gifted and enlightened
when i come on the court with yall the hoop adjusts, it must be heightened

yeah, no record deals i am signing
unless they are a record label that is truly trying
to promote what i spit, peace, love, and anti-violence
yall are just some minnows and i’m the leviathan

got the snowy flow my bars so cold we call it cryogen
make an appet-te for music like my name was thiamin
i only spit the truth, make the noise like i am iowan
getting on these rapper’s nerves like my name was niacin

that’s that compound rap
i am compounding my bars together to make the illest track
i’m different from my fingers because i will always snap
on these whack spitting, lie dealing, self-promoting cats

i’ve just never been able to learn how to snap my fingers man, like, bunches of people have shown me how, i just don’t f-cking get it. i can’t whistle either, like none of that weird musical sh-t i can do besides rap. but anyways, i’m on a tangent, so i should probably get back on the beat right about now

my sh-ts so calculated like i am college math
and you in the back, sleeping, might as well just drop the cl-ss
stupid -ss lyrics like momma dropped you on your -ss
always headed forward swear my foot never leaves the gas

panera bread adventures mixed with musical endeavors
no name but k!lling sh-t like electric chair levers
i can tell that you have never met anyone better
storm fronts, no rain like clouds over denver

but we never say never, it goes on however
new rappers are whoever and their music is whatever
but mine will last forever because i am f-cking clever
and the measures of my efforts are reaped like golden treasures

third eye clarity rapping for my sanity
yall coloring books and i’m straight from the academy
dip dive dodge i cover my head like canopies
pack of f-cking goons and you know we about banditry

but when i am alone i write sh-t so casually
elaborately with strategy i spit your finality
disintegrate your name like you’re racked with f-cking atrophy
i never show apathy when i’m pointing out your fallacies

copycat music, based off of rubrics
used as tools on humans that are hopelessly clueless
your sh-t is weak, you spit abusive acoustics
while real world problems are media elusive

yeah, i’m one of the realist doing it
smoke too much, my memory i’m losing it
but leaving sh-t up in the past is helping me pursuing this
my mind be like a library, always renewing it

reviewing sh-t your music be the toilets i be p–ping in
pull up on your squad, watch mine f-cking ruin em
fluent in proving i only spit that flowing fluid sh-t
this evil dead rap, chainsaws and boomsticks b-tch

producing that amusing no room for them improvements
tryna hold onto the game like we be f-cking tubing
and i’m driver’s seat cruising
throttle only half way, the f-ck yall be doing?

slow like you canoeing, positivity i’m oozing
confidence i am brewing, while you be steady losing
introducing my sh-t, which your fans soon be looping
got hot bars like some midday summer roofing

realer than half of you, better than the other half
fake as f-ck, yall be looking like some golden calf’s
you got weak lines, i got steroids in my paragraphs
i’m flying in the stars, couldn’t see me with a spectrograph

bitter when i’m spitting like a cup of decaf
quarterbacks? this rugby, call me a scrum half
no, we don’t wear pads. you b-tches can step back
putting rappers in their graves, start writing you an epitaph

yall big headed, looking like some f-cking giraffes
i’m stomping all you p-ss-es when i walk in, welcome mats
bars so scorching, that’ll give your -ss a sun tan
delivering the smartest flows straight through the broadband