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clay cockrell – what is peace? (official lyrics) lyrics


[verse 1: clay c-ckrell]
sit back to relax, cause i got nothing to fear
finally feeling better, things are looking up this year
it’s summer and i’m happy, not shedding tears
no stress to press me, time to shift the gears
sped up to keep a head up, but now i can slow down
steady, get ready, jog at the pace i found
writing raps in minutes, coming in for the crown
it’s getting hotter, time to burn down the town
set it ablaze, and paint the city red
but i’m doing it for me not for the street cred
don’t procrastinate, i gotta get ahead
i need peace in my mind when i lay in the bed
i need to hurry it up, no foreplay
i’m ready for the spotlights on broadway
hoping i can open up some doorways
i’m not gonna crash, it’s no mayday
i need the fancy food, all gourmet
cause my appetite is frightening, throw you in dismay
writing poetically like my name was hemingway
this ain’t the cheap shit, it’s no matinee
no, it’s the midnight debut
so i ask without any further adieu
you know why you have no deja vu?
cause you ain’t heard anything like this, you know it’s true
sitting on the beach, soaking up the sun
soph-m-re year’s over, it’s finally done
fakes listening, and you know they outdone
my lyrics are widespread like the spray of a shotgun
words shot from the lip like i fired from the hip
turn the game upside down, sorry to shake the ship
i meant rock the boat, don’t mean to gloat
but that’s what rappers do when we flaunt and we boast
i’d like to be the one to come and break the mold
be better than the rest by at least ten fold
they say i’ll be at the top, first and foremost
if i’m spitting such fire, than why is it cold?
my sk!ll’s getting bigger like my pain threshold
becoming impeccable like my growing billfold
i shut airways down like a stranglehold
i’m a force to be reckon with, i cannot be controlled

[verse 2: clay c-ckrell]
all i want is peace, is that too much to ask?
a comradery where no one needs to wear a mask
a world where equality is not a hard task
one where you could sit back and bask
in the glory of the people and see more than just evil
cause it’s said when there’s a pyramid scheme under the steeple
but currency has weakened morals and has made them feeble
i’m sorry to get real, but it needs to be said
nothing’s being done by media or feds
but millions of people around the world aren’t being fed
or the innocent refugees surrounded by bloodshed
10k, that’s the best we can do?
reminds me a lot of the 40s when we turned away jews
we’ll all feel guilty when more chaos ensues
cause indifference is worse than hate when the day is through

[outro: clay c-ckrell]
i’m finished with the politics for just a minute
the beat’s running out so i’ll have to finish
let my words flow out whilst the song diminishes
and with that i’ll conform and mimic
become a distant memory until i’m simply an image
but one that will never disappear
cause a picture is worth a thousand verses in your ear
cause it stays with you and it adheres
to the brain of the visionary and it makes it all clear
what i’m describing is on a whole new tier
and i know that many closed minded people will fear
but i really don’t care
so i leave you with one question…
“what is peace, monsieur?”
“what is peace?”…