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clo – fear lyrics


verse 1
last night i swear i heard an angel talking/ heard her out cuz i ain’t ever listen often/ said you’re gifted i don’t want to see you falter/ get up off these drugs you ain’t ready for a coffin/ d-mn, well i guess she was right/ i never overdosed but i tried every night/ feeling like a fiend with a vicious appetite/ gotta thank the lord i ain’t in a graveside/ cuz i woke each morning and my body started shaking/ going through withdrawals so my belly always aching/ tryna find a piece of my heart that was taken/ thought it was love but now i see i was mistaken/ it’s hard loving someone when you know they’re unfaithful/ swallowed all my pride and forgave your betrayal/ all i heard was lies and it made me so hateful/ played me more than twice got me feeling so shameful/ sipping on this liquor til i drown in my sorrows/ now i know reality a hard pill to swallow/ and every good leader also knows when to follow/ so make a change today you ain’t promised tomorrow/ and nah i ain’t drake but i’m coming from the bottom/ over stand the struggle i know everybody got one/ kids on the corner blocks filled with empty houses/ ain’t no jobs for ’em so we hustling and robbing/ the only thing i got is my voice n my pride/ middle of the summer but its cold by lakeside/ where bad guys live n only good people die/this shit makes me wonder how the f-ck i’m still alive/

this shit will eat you up like hannibal/ so if you feeling lost believe i’m understanding you/ my people getting treated like we’re animals/ and then you wonder why i’m crazy and angry for/

verse 2
i shed a thousand tears but i ain’t the crying type/ i haven’t given up and i ain’t lost my fight/ the devil want my soul but that ain’t worth no price/ i really live an ugly life so my verse sounds nice/ my aunt’s got cancer and my cousin locked away/ you’re always on my mind in my hearts where you stay/ lost in the dark tryna find a sunny day/ i gotta make it out gotta find my own way/ i suffered through it all but it made me strong again/ trapped by my ignorance i had to break a chain/ knowledge is power so i weaponized my brain/ now this world is mine and i got everything to gain/ feeling at my best now i got a chance to prove it/ had to cut the dead weight sos a movement/ norfside on my side so i said let’s do this/ music is a drug and i just might abuse it/ i never once thought i could make it this far/ i came a long way from selling dope stealing cars/ made it out the flames hope you read my memoirs/ headed for the top you can see me with the stars/ i lost some loved ones and a couple of peers/ but it’s time for me to shine i conquered all of my fears/ focused on the future i ain’t looking in the rear/ expressing what i feel and my pain disappears (hey)/ so if you been hurt bad throw your hands up/ and if they tryna pull you down it’s time to stand up/ believe in yourself don’t let your dreams shatter/ whole team going up making change matter/ ain’t nobody special just a broken hearted b-st-rd/ keeping it one hundred from the cradle to the casket/ working like a slave i deserve to be a master/ story of my life and you just heard the first chapter/