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cloud envy – backyard freestyle lyrics


oo lord look what they made me do
been spitting the illest flows i think i caught the flu
been dealing with sucker rappers
saying the popping off
but poppa doc
in a parking lot
while bumping pac
i box em out the like pacquiao
i’m popping now
bow down
to the king at the top
oh yes the champ is here
i’m been coolin hanging here
sitting on the side
peepin wit my third eye
eye spy
sly guys
then light em up 4 july
they tried
to get wit me
but they not catching up you see
they mind is plain and simple
im auto pilot in a jet you see
i’m more advanced
then that stupid c-cky rapper
you thought that had chance
you just can’t
its the real deal holyfield
somebody grab the wheel
i’m headed to the battlefield
while using sucker rappers as human shield
that’s another k!ll
tell me how you really feel
tell me how gone get p-ss me
don’t gas me
spit till my voice is raspy
so nasty
keep flowing till i collapse on a hot beat
last week caught a body
hit em the shottay
stole yah shawty
bumping ja rule and ashanti
like what’s love got to do… got to do with it
ahah imma go get it
spit like a specialist
thats on a special list
for rhyming spiting bars thats sounding effortless
you get a f for this
for trying to mess with this
fight to the death with this
shots at youre chest you
and necessarily it’s becomes a necessity
to drop you fools right off the balcony
come to take a bow for me
cause ive been on the top k!lling it
feeling it
rap so legitimate
and very intimate
starting to get emotional
can’t the reveal the pain
cause they be
watching like a totem pole
i just think i’m on a roll
shinning like a pot of gold
waiting for the leprechaun to steal at the rainbow
rain flow
raining on the rappers
likes it stormy weather
i ran em out the city so the can put the peices back together
couldn’t handle something so clever
maybe i should calm down
im doing to much
i guess thats what happens
when flow like a volcano
and its time to erupt
its time to give up
they’ve had. enough !!!
if they hear one more bar you gon clocked in gut
you rapping for what ?
im not c-cky but im feeling like the best
calling out who is next
bussin raps like a
tech 9
dropping bombs
likes its vietnam
who am i
cloud e.n.v.y
spitting bars
47 till the day i die
my levels above realms
y’all barely touching the sky