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cloud envy – bodega ft. sage mode tim lyrics


[verse 1: sagemodetime]
i never change, stayed the same like clifford emily
it’s a new invasion blast on all my enemies
cut the piece and eat em like a centipede
spitting acid all over the new tv screen
white girls get addicted like a clan fantasy
your life is like a chalk zone so don’t draw in
patrick had the magic pencil to make you sink in
it’s get out season so you better run while you can
deer in the headlights for barney and in his friends
prayer on a sunday for another sin
i’m a blind man, so here come the daredevil again
trust gotta be earned so i dare him again
i sit back and lay back, peel back like latex
till i get that late text, send her a email back
better yet a new fax
then come back and zap like bad zits
and zap your existence like oh cr-p
me and cloud envy bringing nonsense back
we been goofy goobers getting lit like tak
got the power of the juju and a sorcerers debt
that mean mystic power really gotta new concept
you get life once and get a bunch of cr-p
like kidsnextdoor going in with some gats
or watching they parents doing drugs don’t adapt
that’s why they always fighting and they always feel trapped
that’s why you gotta move, they gone search for you
you gone get lost in that stove, but they can’t take your food
that’s why you gotta keeping going
young south side dude nc, bodega. soul!

[verse 2: cloud envy]
bout time you hear this
i’m on tip top
on the a-list
eating catfish
with two twins
name sydney and ashley
great gatsby
too crafty
going top speed in a rrari
get off me
couldn’t stop me
with the whole world as an army
couldn’t arm me
now they don’t know where to go
been wavy never lost the flow
knock em down like a domino
levels launch like catapult
going high like rocket
can’t stop it
when i clock in
gonna shock you like a socket
in a mosh pit
give em cold hits
64 blitz
had to bring em down like a hurricane
throw it to em like a curve ball
then bring it back around like a boomerang
it keeps spinning so watch it all twirl
got bored so i took your girl
now she live in cloud world
thats a good way to live
i’ve been having good times on
good times
like a black tv sitcom
yah need to sit calm
and just understand
that i light it up like diamond brand
throwing magic like i’m peter pan
rock wit me i’m dirty dan
dont mess wit me im too nice
underarm yah like old spice
i’m the real hype
take flight and gone
never coming back
say goodbye when home
cause after that
hit the road jack
won’t comeback
won’t comeback
won’t comeback
like hey
this was the plan
i’m at it again
this world is pretend
not here to make friends
no more loose ends
i bout bout amend
now watch me ascend
throw it to me i’m the quarterback
imma wide receive
imma take it home
629 that’s where i belong
629 imma be fine
imma get mine
so dont stop me
say my name
cloud envy
cant defeat me
on my worst day
immma the king
make the right move
thats checkmate
yall try frustrate me
but it wont work
yall just light work
do em like its like work
no compet-tion
im a man on a mission
with his own intuition
lets plan for division
divide and conquer
stay groovy the sponsors
tribe called questions
midnight marauder
im going farther
then anyone could ever be
please dont you mess with me
or my whole destiny
disintegrate yah
then turn yah to centipede
negative energy
stay tryna mess with
negative energy
came from my enemies
get it away from me
not my vicinity
mess with you mentally
give you my remedy
mix with the recipe
one of my specialties
flow with the melody
with no ident-ty
powerful legacy
do this for centuries
rappers are charity
feeled the jealousy
give em all penalties
matter fact felonies
thats a necessities
groovy like seventies
i know what best for me
done with the mysteries
all of the misery
you all are history
im making history
remember it vividly
think of the imagry
rapping with timothy
building intensity
genesis part of the greatest of trilogies