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clout benz – just the beginning lyrics


i been rapping over a year but this just the beginning
26k in a year if you ask me i’d say i’m winning
everytime i make a song i feel like i’m steady climbing
i go back to back to back to back man this the perfect timing
after my first song i was ready to call it wraps
but i made a few more and i fell in love in rap
learned i was a little versatile so i focused on that
but as time and time went on i just wanted to go fast
i sped it up and cut it up double up and then i got a job
got some money to fund myself, steady moving along
got a mic and got made dreams but it still just fun
learned about the impact decided to make my dreams abstract
don’t care to be rich or famous
don’t care to have a status
everyone’s goal is kinda aimless
from start to now is the hiatus
hypebeast, swimming hits, flip the page
back to to back
out the blue, donuts, valentines
back to back
secret life then my first alb-m
i was still going back to back
houdini, b-mblee, yes indeed
dreaming of plaque
favorite color, second alb-m
i’m still going back to back to back
life is gnarly, third alb-m
boi i’m still going back to back
alb-m of the year, better than you
hey! guess back to back
ripper, astronomical
1 of those songs really slapped
together, gorrilam
2018 in a wrap
now hey! guess what it’s just the just the beginning
just the beginning
just the beginning