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clout benz – perfect picture lyrics


i don’t care to win a grammy
i just do this for my granny
i just do this for my family
i just do this to stay happy
do this to get things off my chest
i’m a poet at its best
i rhyme from this thing in my chest
my mind will take care of the rest
i swear i don’t get no rest
my heart start to beat a little less
i guess i just can’t take the stress
but i won’t stop until success
i know my life is a mess
i know i possess the power to go make it better
but i am still a debtor to myself i write a letter
maybe it’s my death note with “i’m sorry” as the header – legacy will live forever
my identity is a pupil in disguise
i’m always learning that the people hate your life
i stay lurking on the game that i’m inside
i have more p-ssion than half of y’all in your life
i can’t even count the nights that i stayed up and cried
life and death a big choice but i have to decide
but i stay up and write and i’m better alive
and now we only going up we never decline
i ain’t commit and crime but i’m imprisoned to the game
imma always shine a light i don’t care about the fame
y’all always flex with ice so i had to crop you out the frame
cause i gotta have the perfect picture to hang above my name