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cnp – uxocide lyrics


[verse 1]
i’m off my meds and i ain’t feelin’ alright
spoke to my girl, she said everythings alright
i had an appointment today so i got up ready
little would i know i would end the day all bl++dy
i told my therapist i’m scared of myself
so he gave me a rifle and told me to “take my anger out”
i shouted at him “what the f+ck! i’m no k!ller!”
i blinked and when i saw him again, my stomach felt iller
i don’t know what i did but i f+ckin’ did it
his brains on the wall, cops’ll be here in a minute
so i busted out the door and ran out poppin’
ran all the way home, poppin’ had no stoppin’
i walked through the door and my girl was right there
she saw me and shriеked, i could tell she was scarеd
i told her to calm down, everything will be alright
i blinked, opened my eyes, it seems i had dimmed her light
[verse 2]
i couldn’t believe this sh+t i’m no k!ller
well i wasn’t before, but now the devil begs to differ
i make fools wither away, tomorrow today
i make visions get dimmer, flesh n bones i ate
n im a psycho a wacko a bozo a facko
i chop up fools n stuff ’em into dem barrels
the cops caught on as they do
thought they could shoot
but im cnp so not much they could do
i made my exit, mission complete
eighty k!lls, the zodiac he couldn’t compete
but i felt my neck and i felt weak
i looked at my hand, it was my blood
i fell to the floor, it seems death i seek