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coal cash – ood lyrics


[coal cash]

the voices in my head say free the spirits from their flesh cocoons
exhuming all your souls under the pale glow of a crescent moon (yeah)
consume you whole my dinner bowl is what you call an offering (delicious)
lost in despair yelling at air i swear the walls are talking (get out of my head) crawl from coffins toss a hotty like its probably gilgo (ooohoopmh)
where the willows gather sleep with cadavers word to my body pillow
my shotty billows smoke you’ll choke from the stench of death (coughing-)
pickle all my victims in a cisterns of fermented flesh (tasty)
demented wretch drenched in the sweat of this hood stripper
queen of ungodly arts careen her body parts to a wood chipper (vrroooom)
the good skipper i’m jack the ripper dressed like gilligan (looks nice)
militant in my sk!ll so don’t wonder if ill k!ll again (oh yes)
i’ll drill a pen through ya face like its an auger bit (drill sound-)
one of the illest authors king of anything you can torture with (spoons)
i’ll force my d-ck through the eye socket of nine sl-ts
a muk lobotomy will more then probably leave ya mind f-cked (brilliant)
you’re tied up wired up to a circuit breaker
till blood flow explodes from ya nose like a peculator (arggghh)
the perfect hater gator shark t–th are razor sharp (the transformer noise-, i did it my self)
barfed all over a waiter during dinner dates when i ate her heart
my favorite part she was a dime piece on a ten scale
impaled with my t–th flossed out her c-nt meat with her entrails (you got something in your t–th)
i’m ten tails and my pen hails to no style
i’m so vile to quote cleanse my throat with a coat of g.o.a.t. bile (get off me)
there’s no smile i sighile when i’m burning jews
in pools of n-z- blood that i siphoned out some german fools (you smell that)
i’ll turn the new school to barbecue sm-rg-sbord (all you can eat)
gnawed upon the carc-ss of any artist who thought the offered more
i brought the war to the door step of every house (ding dong)
shouting like ya deadly lets see if ya ready when i machete mouths (bring it on)
breath heavy clouds of black smoke spitting lighting bolts
coat the flesh of your hide off the side of our viking boats (valhalla!!!)
we tighten ropes around the throats of our abducted prey
flay the skin from ya br–sts sh-t on your chest while i f-ck ya face (gakgakgakgak)
cause muk’s a wraith from outer sp-ce conjured to stop ya crew
i fuel the cruel genre like i’m a monster out of doctor who
my crew conquers we too bonkers for you mortal men
welcome to warp minds where you’ll never find the portals end (step right in)
we bend designs around the sign of the zodiac
an o.g. getting busy grizzly to bear arms like a kodiak (grrrrroar)
i’m solely back to rape the game till it leaks -ss mud
shove a shiv in ya brain and let ya body drain in a bathtub (just stay here)
i flash flood through continents of human incompetence
so compliment what i’m doing cause im fluent at ruining ya confidence (you suck) there ain’t no consequence its only wrong if you get caught (i didn’t do it)
of course their fearing this turn the best lyricist to a human torch (foosh)
i’ll chew ya corpse and finish you off with my zombie tribe (brains)
my whole vibe is ornery f-ck an army muk’s an omnicide (hahahahahaha)

[jak tripper]

dead rabbit, p-ssy as a wet mattress
car window gl-ss put holes in your face like a meth addict
cannibal head dress savage
pessimist, low on medicine with a head bandage
i’m becoming the red dragon
decapitate heads and peel back wigs
i went batsh-t, i vent ratchets
body parts stretch baggage
lincoln continental trunk, dead ratchet
just a bodies trunk head packaged
face pressed against plastics
hair on heads matted
i get active out of my gourd
triple optix and horde
we flow like phlegethon, we go back like letter bombs
telekinetic gods, rembrandt’s sessions locked
in long island 10 miles from where tesla rocked
we all once levitated a small record shop
my pants stress the cops
in my pad headless thots
the episode getting grim
tones go getting grim, me and coal dig the ditch
i’ll cut you apart immaculate
forensics thought it was a med student practicing
my jacket ripped, tattered with traces of dna and ej-cul-tes from absent chicks
i cloak back to the lab in grid
i am the people’s temple
pot-ssium soft drink, i’ll pack punches
i’m the germs of what cat drug in
i’m famished as third world adolescence with their ribs and aback touching
i’m in the back bugging
my back hugging the closet wall stomach and gat touching
cause i fear e.t. intervention like oberth clucking a black budget
i flash guns and leave your lower jaw hanging off a skin flap from it
so much blood in my hands the gat rusted
masked gunman, i’ll gun down a vice magazine correspondent for the independent glam of it

and i’m out. positive sh-t

dead rabbits. pulling your guts out like pumpkin seeds. october. year book sh-t. coal, jak