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cody! (wa) – fear! lyrics


ayy, ayy, ayy
trill gang, we some goons
and we comin’ for yo’ crew
we some dogs, call it loose
always win, i never lose
that’s the truth, how i be
gettin’ cash [?]
k!ll me, i don’t care, not at all
do not stare, i take it wrong
got yo’ girl in a thong
leave me ‘lone, do not talk
black jeans, what i rock
on my feet, polo socks
pop off, like a glock
i be chillin’ on my block
in my room, indoors
need to cop a four door, new whip
never switch, on my crew
i stay true
water on my [?]
short fuse, do not get confused
hate myself but i want to love you
it’s not fair but it’s all i do, huh
ayy, yuh