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colby cooper – my state lyrics


cash when im pullin it thru
flexed in the coupe
she bring me two like the deuce
i been up rollin
we holdin for golden
she gimme neck
call up the goose
stack it up
back it up when im in harlem
i chill with my bae in new orleans
she lookin like kim in the mornin
never tell thotties that im sorry

backin up double the sp-ce
reachin up
reachin for stars in the wraith
bout to be payin my state
boutta go double the rate
she wanna open the case
double the 12s with the b-ss
might have em wait
i let em stay
bring out the stage
this for the state ay
this for the state ay

pull em up
20 for lou
nj the goo
i do this all my dudes
cappin the matresss
elastic with stackin
im back in with all of my crew
hittin like rawlings…
sleep through the mornings…
yo girl she boring
she left me yawnin

a hunnid my jays
she go when im maxed it out
im blunted for days
she go when im p-ssed out
step in the booth
when im lettin it go
feelin the flow
like im strait out the grove
come up the city
the biddies they know
reppin my state
and put on for the 4

you ain’t from my state x3
everyday gettin paid
time to celebrate

froze that
when she see my face
roll back
know that
every where im gon bring my cake
the prince of the city
i dream of the gold
come in the feoreign
then leave in a float yo
gimme that key i need it
b-tch think im to conceited
i might go drop a remix
with all of my homies featured

21 dreamin of scheamin a yatcht
i want a stadium
playin them broads
want an albanian
playin the odds
demon the city
a pretty young god

you ain’t from my state x3
everyday gettin paid
time to celebrate