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colby lafayette – early.demo lyrics



last night we were talking
and then we was in the studio
i was making
i started making this –


my brain is breaking out my skull
might be a minute till i can put the pieces back together
jigsaw puzzle and my ribs and muscles
making up some sort of fellowship of a conscious community
my pillows soaked in the aftermath
(ya’ll seen my sh-t)
my lips eloped after i say “p-ss me that”
and i float
i be haphazard last thing in my day
i’m unaware of impunity until i’m in it
(started making this beat)
i feel my face drown in the linens
i was trying to figure out
how much my mind could be fitted
how much i could fit in it
(and i didn’t think i could do it)
i see pedals when i walk
i press my car pedal i skidded
i’m racing in my attic
i’m an addict to be lifted
(just like my eyes opened you know
i was happy to see you)
i’m ripping up my psyche in the nighttime
pasted and plastered enough said
i played a song for my mother and she looked upset
she said “let love”
i said love let’s me


well its all about pursuing balance
at this point