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coloradorap – real deal vs bigg k lyrics


[round 1: bigg k]
i said yo
they told me not to take this battle, that’s h-lla non sense
i’m knowing that he talk that talk but never walked it
they said, “real deal is a threat. i’ma be honest.”
i said, “you f-cking right he a threat. i’m a promise.”
you ain’t know what’s gonna happen but i knew it’d a happen
let me catch you in pittsburgh with your jewelry flashing
i’ma run down on him get to using a magnum
like i want that gold jacket like shooter mcgavin
y’all want to see a dead body? not a problem meho
i catch him in the subway like they got carlito
it’s time for extra regular trevor to be gone, finitto
you the g-yest thing in the ring since don flamingo
you big eared motherf-cker, looking like a newborn mouse
i ain’t reaching for a hug when these two arms out
when i pull it he go sleep like a futon out
i put deal in the paper, they cutting coupon’s out
now i’ma be real cause i never get my fronting on
you deserve a top tier battle for how far you come along
you got about 30 joints online and your win ratio is something strong
so either i did something right or you did something wrong
f-ck it, i’m dangerous as living in hostels
jump bad and i’ma uppercut your chin and your nostrils
take the gun out the briefcase, empty out a clip in your tonsils
that roscoe in the box ain’t chicken and waffles
you know they say your confidence show when your swag right
and your knuckles won’t break if you throwing your jab right
ever seen a nine mil with the scope and the flashlight?
somebody getting kilt when i blow it like bagpipes
i get the sense you was a ho in your past life
your music ain’t gon’ work you gon’ go to the gl-ss pipe
i know y’all probably think i’m ferocious and mad nice
but to keep it real i wrote this shit last night
go ‘head man

[round 1: real deal]
from the top?
aight, i’ma tell you how this battle really got arranged now
so pen hit me up and said, “ayo son i couldn’t get you the rappers you wanted
but i got an idea and if we market it this match could do numbers
white on white crime.”
so now we supposed to battle each other?
look at me k! look at me k! we’re practically brothers!
so i should let you know as a brother
your whole “i surround myself with black people” white dude swag is f-cking cornier than a coor’s light ice cube ad
and all them strong arm tactics, this is not the place for pulling it
think you got me shook, well that’s not the case
you fooling with someone who sees it everyday, i’m not afraid so cool it b-tch
you know that i’m a teacher we don’t tolerate that bully shit
so to me, all your size proves is how many times you’ve eaten at a drive thru
so thinking that you gon’ throw your weight around here to beat me ain’t a wise move
i’m that prick you gotta deal with so believe me he gon’ die soon
cause i love to k!ll a fat motherf-cker, but hey, your diabetes is that type 2/too
he the kind of guy you pick up at basketball cause you thinking you need more size
then his soft -ss spends all day out at the three point line
he gained like 50 pounds after high school so he’s a bad -ss now
he the type you go to fight and wanna wrestle you all sloppy with his -ss crack out
but f-ck the jokes cause k’s a thug
he finna get the metal and spit
you got it pressed to me temple fully intends to empty that clip
he’s trigger happy, goes to squeeze that beretta then click…click
y’all gon’ see all his rounds are based off hypothetical shit
like, hypothetically he could shoot me with all the shit that you can fathom
that ain’t even cool to make up like little kids in beauty pageants
all you have is gun lines, drug lines then you fuse in the punch
question: how you call illmac’ tiny tim if you the one that’s using the crutch?
see there’s a million names for guns and drugs that’s what makes it easy to do
i’ll k!ll you with gun lines, more creatively, and more believable too
y’all ready?
i’m in your hood, broad daylight, while you unarmed and shoot you directly in the face
then i’ll pull my cell phone out and call the cops to come investigate the case
i wipe the gun off, put it in your palm, now with that pistol in hand
they got the prints (prince) from you k (uk) like kate middleton’s man
cops roll up it’s mayhem, “put your hands in the air!”
i’m like, “officer, thank god, i’m so glad that you’re here.”
this man just tried to mug me. pulled a weapon on me
i said, ‘i don’t have any money’ he started to wrestle with me
and then the gun kinda {sniff sniff}…”
who do you think the detective believes?
he’s a convicted felon, i’m a school teacher who can p-ss a piss test and my record is clean
i just took his bread and b-tter and now you see his stomach rumbling
it’s sad cause i like him, white kid from virginia that literally come from nothing
cinderella story, the slipper’s falling, back to suds and scrubbing
y’all just seen this country b-mpkin turn back to a f-cking pumpkin

[round 2: bigg k]
i say yo
i don’t give a f-ck about battle rap, this ain’t bothering me
when i leave here, i’m going to the bar for a week
i just came to tell you you don’t go hard in the street
and to call you a d-ck cause you are what you eat
f-g f-ck you g-ssed up like a flame thrower
when i cut dope i use ether for the takeover
i got some bricks in the stash of the range rover
find china in the trunk like hangover
say i peeped your whole f-cking steez, i ain’t a bit stupid
you stuck battling cause you make shit music
and you gon’ try to reb-ttal everything i can say before i get to it
like it’s gon’ make you a less of a f-ggot cause you admit to it
i have yet to see any progress in you thus far
you in one lane going in circles like cop cars
you pick the perfect angles, your lyrics is sub par
how good is an mc that got everything but bars?
like every gun 50 and up, it’s like the highway
i ain’t never listen to nothing, i do it my way
catch you lunching inside on the couch, stroll through your driveway
then get to dumping on the side of your house, smokey in friday
i said i ain’t been on the scene a year but views, i got a fair amount
and as far as groupies, my life is a movie, i bag a pair amount/paramount
you somebody i gain nothing off of airing out
it’s real deal, the nicest battle rapper n-body cares about
this is revenge for every kid you ever failed in gym cl-ss
every suspension and detention they had to spend with yo’ b-tch -ss
my hands fast i throw a jab you catch whiplash
or this razor will cut designs in your face like riff raff
i said i be shit faced drunk off the ‘yac or bourbon
finish my gl-ss and whip ya -ss til your scabs is hurting
i’m working with a chopper that’ll crack suburbans
but i’ll write him a chin check like plastic surgeons
i don’t give a f-ck how many battles you had, don’t play with me
rappers y’all consider the vets is fish fillet to me
i come to any city you at as long as you paying me
i really live the life that i rap, what you gon’ say to me?
i still get that bread by the stack, it’s like a bakery
posted with my hand on the strap, somebody pray for me
working with a chopper ’bout that long for the hatery
hundred shot clip and it last longer than slavery
i say yo, i’d battle for a check, i don’t battle for views
when i come to these venues i feel like the realest cat in the room
cause my mindset is even if i happen to lose
i am still content being a better rapper than you
go ‘head man

[round 2: real deal]
y’all seen a bigg k battle, he’ll show you what insecurity is
cause he be talking while his opponent be performing they shit
like if i say, “k you pussy”, instead of looking confident and ignoring the diss
what did he do? roll his head, shake his eyes
that just make you look more of a b-tch
see my demeanor is more cerebral, these people they think i’m c-cky though
behind my team with my arms folded like a hockey coach
your mom’s a ho, i pipe her (piper) like i was roddy though
trapeze artist as far as catching these bodies go
you? waste of size
sweet as cakes and pies and softer than a baby’s thighs
you? shake and fries, steak with bake potato laced with bacon bits and draped in chives
you have never pushed a plate aside
so being overweight is why you call yourself bigg
well pun intended when you hit the age of 28 and die
i swear by every hair on all your chinny chin chins
if everybody from your state is built like you?
cigarettes the only thing in virginia slim
and your main b-tch is such a busted wreck she be giving riders rubber neck
a ratchet black chick from the 7-5-7 so you think she’s fly enough to cover jet
okay question
how come every time someone plays mary, f-ck, k!ll, that b-tch dies?
she’s 5’6″ and weighs and weighs as much as someone 6’5″
plus she’s lazy like notorious b.i.g.’s eye
she’s only with you cause you mention you pitch pies
but all jokes aside, i’m headed to virginia, storm the beach with my crew like d-day
you should’ve seen them red flags like you using replay
fall back i gotta ball bat i use from eastbay
we’ll see if he can stand up after that louie see k
y’all know louie c.k.? the comedian?
i figured like, okay he’s one of the biggest out today
half the crowd gon’ miss it cause f-ck it, ralphie may
i mean, enough with the jokes cause even if he packing
that pistol ain’t moving from his hip
it’s like a cell phone conversation, when you see k with texts, it’s usually a b-tch
and i don’t even wear chains but you let your charms swing ’round me it’s stupid
cause i will rob k for the jewelry then sing the jingle while i do it
every kiss begins with kay
get off twitter, you’re emotional -ss on there like, “smack won’t book me.”
that’s so pussy, i thought you was mr. all world cl-ss pro rookie
but when you choked against rosenberg, that’s when you start to free fall
now n-body’s trying to call you like a charge in street ball
cause your music’s aight but you act like it’s up to kanye standards
i see the way you act when you kicking it at a show like a broadway dancer
so you freestyled with sway, you think that’s gon’ get them songs played faster?
man, n-body’s trying to check for that like prostate cancer
you have half -ssed every battle but half past
so how can you be at the tops and bottom feed?
you’ve been beating b-ms up in this circuit
to me it’s like the plot of rocky 3
and since you irish it’s only fitting for that script right?
cause if y’all remember, that’s the movie where the mick dies

[round 3: bigg k]
said god d-mn, trying to clown me for being on twitter
that’s real disrespectful brother
if it wasn’t for twitter i would’ve never met your mother
i said yo, i pop one, shotgun on the back of the harley
wrap a cap around his face like a hat for a party
y’all think i’ma let mr. woodc-ck out bar me?
rhetorical question farley
f-ck bars, you gonna get all jokes
you ain’t never played the strip getting chips off c-ke
and your competition tripping, you gotta lick off toast
i been thugging, you d-ck sucking kickball coach
you f-cking with a stand up man, you better sit up
i’m riding through the trap with a mac strapped to my git up
my lights off, it’s pitch black, i got the tint up
bars, as soon as i pull up i’m hitting chin up
if he jump, rope him to the truck, drag him through the mean city streets
or i show up to your school, d-ckies clean with the crease
snuff your -ss in front of students, you gon’ be missing teeth
then i’ma stretch the whole cl-ss without the [?]
i don’t usually do personals but this fraud is so bogus
you being a p.e. teacher is something i’m gon’ notice
and i’ll bet any amount of money this is my prognosis
you wrote them rounds on the back of a conduct notice
yo, when i wild you run a mile
chopper swinging with the shoulder strap
i see horror through the scope, what’s your zodiac?
and you ain’t suppose to rap, f-ck whoever told you that
you wouldn’t lick a shot in the air, unless you coaching track
my 40 kicks sideways when i’m holding it straight
at 13 i served fiends through the hole in the gate
bang your head on the gym floor til the linoleum break
try that greco-roman shit, i punch a bone out your face
oh you the working man mc? i got my hand in the gutter
f-ck your 9 to 5, i got 95 grams of the b-tter
my big homie just backed 30 grand at the rucker
i feel like sonny from bronx tale, the working man is a sucker
fly fella i rhyme better, you heard clown
apply pressure i turn up you turn down
we can battle til the motherf-cking 33rd round
i got bars around the waist like a turnstile
i know a secret about your baby mama that you carry with ya
and i figured now is the perfect time for me to share it with ya
she got a thing for licking -ss, i ain’t playing with ya
she hang around for rim jobs like a cherry picker
i said yo, you get kids suspended, that shit corny as h-ll
i’m a thug on the east coast and california as well
i stab your son in the throat, grab the little boy by his hair
and then drag him with the ox like oregon trail
i said, take a look at my circle this what a 4 g clique ’bout
gutta gang gwap getters making wh-r-s eat d-ck out
i get to swinging this machete with a voorhees dismount
it take half off the deal like employee discounts
go ‘head man

[round 3: real deal]
he tried to take shots at me and says i’ve been teaching gym cl-ss
i think he’s just mad cause judging by his waist, that’s the one cl-ss his -ss ain’t p-ss
but ayo, what does rex say? grown man bars, that’s something he’s gotta deal with
see that grown man part, that’s what gets me because it’s real shit
i couldn’t walk in your shoes k, cause they’re children size
you’d get lost in my shoes k, cause they’re a building wide
i’m up at 5:00 every day awake before the sun is up
breakfast made, shower, shaved, making sure my son is up
i take him to the bus, say i’ll see him when it brings him back
you’re married to the game, i’m representing for them single dads
but you? let me guess, every morning you up is another corner to cut
boy -ss mindset, long as his gear is fresh and his jordan’s is tough
i mean, you a hustler, i don’t knock it, someone’s gotta feed the fiends on the strip
cause they just snaps but snap, who you think is teaching they kids?
so while you out shopping rocks on the block on your grind i’m in the trenches
public schools where 70% are below the poverty line
where all they talk is black, white test scores and bridging the gap
so i don’t have the same principles my principles have
a kid will stand up and say “f-ck you” in the middle of cl-ss
20 minutes later come up and hug you cause you the only father figure he has
could you do that k and still come home and make music?
knowing you gon’ pay off that
could you, k?
okay no, that’s what i thought
you will always be that chubby little kid your dad and mom failed
and you’re right, i’m kicking messages to son so this is like a bronx tale
oh, the working man is a sucker? he a sucker
well this is where we swap stories
cause i’m getting paid now, i can really let the deniro talk for me
oh, but i heard you been lacing tracks about blazing gats and spraying that sig’
that’s the grown breaking shit you’re gonna break in rap with?
by the time i’m 35, just off teaching i’ll make 80 racks kid
at the restaurant you bus at eating baby back ribs
while you’re running from agents and doing a bid in the big house
i’ll be f-cking with agents and placing a bid on a big house
while i’m sending my son to college and paying money for his books
you’ll be hoping someone still acknowledges you to put money on your books
while they search for me on google you’ll be slurping ramen noodles
homie that’s what you’ve been eating when you locked up
while i’m texting on my celly you’ll be wrestling with your celly because one of you was sleeping on the top bunk
now, next time i see pen it’s on stage at some main battle
next time you see pen’ it’s in chains, upstate shackled
you act like you the only one, we both grew up as poor folk
except i came from pittsburgh, you were raised in norfolk
we both knew k!llers and drug dealers, we both knew who the dope man was
but i grew up and grew out of that stage, that’s what a grown man does
i mean, i thought it was cool that i had friends that did a couple bids
til they came home, i saw their face and knew they had enough of it
you still glorify that lifestyle, you think it’s tough as shit
so why you call yourself “bigg” and act like such a little f-cking kid?