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colossus – lil sally lyrics


[verse 1]
when i think about pops imma give him his props
he hid in the crops from the klan
i ran from the cops
but imma draw this line right here
no more running we the top cops
you a nightcrawler
i’m bout to smack you on a hook
i’m a fisherman with a book
on how to pick the wicked out a small pack of jewels
smoking pot and drinking booze but i ain’t slipping lucifer
i’m not sicilian so you get no kisses for your wickedness
you die
i’m not the kitten i’m the lion
recognize the sabbath, rastafari
holla if you hear me, know we’re coming from a long way
young hustling, struggling to get the play
lock the door school is in
and the teacher is the planet earth
and the eviler men who decide what your life is worth
’cause of the morning star
lil sally selling sugarless candy
but lil sally ain’t working at the candy store
did she know her daddy? no
he didn’t know his old man either
he died about six years back in a cornfield
k!lled by a preacher who came neo-nazi
hold up
lock the door and call hip-hop
here we go
here-here we go
from my daddy nut sack, out my momma’s bow
flintown, michigan, america, planet earth
the place that tried to lock me up and try break me down
the place that make me rough, rugged, and raw
place that made me yup yup yup yes yall
simmer down rude boy, don’t act rude
jump on the dance floor and grab the groove
grab some -ss and try to shoot a few moves
don’t mess with us (and we won’t mess with you)
don’t act like no wife beater
’cause i’m a london fog in which
i conceal a big heater
and i’m not talking about no pistola
i’m talking about the heart of a conquistador, zulu warrior
blood of vikings and african kings
i’m just chilling
smoking trees, sipping yak
give me dap, holler back charlie mac

i know they know we know they know how to do it

[verse 2]
look i be missing my momma
i ain’t seen her in years
i be trying to cry, but i don’t got no tears
all i know is the streets and how to make a few ends
i got dreams of living large and playing the benz
but my life is
wonder who i can blame
when i look in the mirror
all i see is the game
i pray to the lord to please guide my path
he says be quick to listen and slow to wrath
and wait for moses to drop his staff
and spit the (?)
so you can walk that path back to the truth g
or be a cut throat addicted to weed smoke
seven in one stroke with twelve months to go
pushups got you (?)
you know you better get some mail today
before you prolong you stay
but then you don’t need no shank though
you beating fools down until they’re bl–dy
then you gon’ go for their buddies
see them hoes ain’t nothing but coca like (?) you joker
you told them not to test your game
but (?) you rip the meat up off their chest
resisting arrest
worse than david banner and the incredibles
welcome to the k!ller whale
cousin to cocaine you unforgettable
you like the sight of blood, they call you congo child
you an upper, a downer, an all-arounder
and if you get apprehended
i bet you’ll be (?)