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comrade – household lyrics


i need a whole house for my household

[hook: comrade]
i don’t like to talk rent, keep your apartment
i need a whole house for my household

going down a long road, you can keep your condo
i need a whole house for my household

my fam deserve better
my mom deserve better
since i was 13 i earned cheddar, fool
now i’m on another pedestal
you can keep your condo
i need a whole house for my household

[verse 1: comrade]
my fam big enough to fit yours in it
you think your room cool till the rain pours in it
i give it all i got till i drop the block like ciroc
cause everybody poor in it

got along with my neighbors
been the type of player
return kicks like a favor
what you expect?
plan to be overseas
like johnny depp

if life is a mistake
well i live it with no regrets

i’m just speaking truthfully
got a couple guards that’ll set the pick and shoot for me
running all your life, but you can’t avoid the scrutiny
star of my team
no wonder why they root for me


[bridge: comrade]
let me set the record straight
i just wanna
elevate to a better place
i just wanna
levitate as the record play
my comrades can relate
as we dream for estate, ey


[verse 2: comrade]
some people want a white picket fence
some people want a wife like jada smith
if it goes down and you all go down
then you’re gonna want a team thats guarenteed to plead the fifth

really if you listen up
see i’m on the mission to
touch every listener
ghost dad
man, bodymore so sad
see nothing but crumbs on the ground when the toast blast

invincible body armor
ducking out all the drama
i get it its prob’ly karma
comrade is my persona
my booth is a d-mn sauna
if we got a problem when i see you its sayanora



[verse 3: destiny]
bright lights
new me
picture me now
no id
came a long way from the old me
tryna get paid like a draft pick
i never seen life this good
with a big house pool
my garage cars pullin out
love never found i’m good
money feels so good
no vacations need a house