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con descendant – full metal lyricist lyrics



yeah, con descendant right here n-gg-; i been watching y’all motherf-ckers man
yeah, creative outlet right here

verse 1

i’m a rapper’s lifeline like a b-ssline
i’m dunking metaphors, they’re laying punchlines
all black everything; y’all looking like popsicles
mr huxtable, i’ve got you feeling all uncomfortable
spitting deeper like i’m barry white
n-gg- that’s baritone
they be on what i’m on all the way in cologne
debuting on the mic; i go hard and make it spark
i got you stuck between when the light illuminates the dark
i’m on my rnb, turnin’ nuns into flashers
touch ’em like omarion, they’ll confess like usher
all about the cream, the haters lactose intolerant
counting all my flows is kinda counting calories
n-gg- with p-ssion, all they see is the fashion
they don’t hear what i’m saying
all they hear is an accent
but her lips is as soft as eclairs
i don’t want to go over there
but we should skip the first base, and i’ll hit the snare
you can’t compare; make the whole city stop and stare..

verse 2

i said, “yeah”
ok, uh, creative outlet
the boy con descendant
auckland city
back when i was corny
mad lonely, h-lla celibate
hoodie up at the breaker game for the h-ll of it
now you’re wondering, “who’s the model with?”
blacking out in the booth, vii yelling, “snap him out of it!”
i don’t know graffiti but i get a lot of fines
so every time i shift-4, i get dollar signs
i’m so appalled but i don’t regret
i might not recall but i won’t forget
next day in church patron still on my breath
i had no idea how live black club could get
look, swag is on haley crooks
but i ain’t in the club unless i’m getting booked
kids od-ing, moms are god fearing
stomp your onion with timberlands the size of paul bunyan
she’s asking why i ain’t take over this rap shit
i hear you baby but let me work on my masters
we moving fast
and uh, we on a matress
now stop talking and p-ss me that box of magnums
yo! instagram rappers just be posting this dumb shit
and when it get to popping you’re the first to jump ship
all i wanna do is count funds and run shit
hit her with that game now she just wants to do is run with me
so you see

verse 3


she asked why i’m on the cliff
because i’ll be gone in november
forgot by december
hard to remember
fubar, i use bars
they don’t go to waste, nah
48 laws like charlamagne tha god
they ain’t really real
not even original, yo who the f-ck gave all these n-gg-s adidas deals?
y’all thinking about sevyn streeter
i’m tryna put my momma in a seven seater
everything i spit n-gg-, is cl-ssed heavy weight
strong grip on them bars, till the levees break
full metal lyricist
tony stark the way i levitate
i don’t smoke dokha n-gg-
nah i don’t medicate
that’s why i don’t play your shit in mysterio
coz y’all hide behind a mask like rey
it’s real life n-gg-
this ain’t no empire
no drippity-drop
coz i spit hot fire
all you n-gg-s do is sit around and talk about basketball
i be on the grind, hustlin’ until the casket closed
you piss me off, i ain’t the type to get my crew involved
been through it all
scars on my face like i’m from griffindor


dj scratching a nas sample