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con-go inc – a gurl after my heart lyrics


a gurl after my heart

like two birds of a feather
we go together you know
like a bee and a flower
we are drawn like lovers

so i feel for you
hurt for you
break for you
long for you

a gurl after my heart
let’s never fall apart hey


my heart beats for you
it yearns for you
longs for you
i need you

baibie x2

we were meant to be
i mean like remember that day right
you flung past the hospital doors
i was in, you are forever with me

you happened at the right time
right place, right stance

it’s heart to heart expressions then
where i sing, you press, we stand n dance
my heart, a gurl after my heart
we’ll never go apart

i am no tricks-tower, i really can’t sing
so i wrote this down
it’s abit raspberry n dry
but hey it’s for you

from my heart, to you
this one here is for you

i feel for you & i love you
i said i feel for you gurl, and it’s true
i love you!

words don’t really come easy with me
so i’ll say it at easy
i’d call you my star
but then again you’ll be mars away from me
stars are hard to reach
they come hard falling…

i’d call you my sun
the source of all my light
but i wouldn’t hold you
sun burns hot you know

so i am sitting here thinking
what to call you

my moon, my night, my day, my rainbow?


i call you (∞)

my b-tterfly
the love of my life
you’re for me
you’re for me gurl

my love, ilove


check! check!
check this line right here…
the spookiest dream, was calling it quits
it’s not the same no more
the realest thing is, knowing i have a home

someday, some time…a home with you
kids here and there
man what a day
man what a day
man what a day yo.div

hudson mbutu nzau|chrystalline a.d
con-go inc. lyrics