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concrete cee – iron fist lyrics


[intro: concrete cee]
crushin’ this sh-t right now… motherf-cker! (iron fist)
the second coming, n-ggas, f-ck y’all n-ggas thought? huh?
big city sh-t, b-tch
right, watch me, watch me, yeah

[verse: concrete cee]
iron will, iron fist, bringin’ rapocalypse
this is what i insisted on hence i exist
i made mcs dizzy turnin’ rap 360
be busy makin’ business until cheese with me

y’all are shadows of your true self
i bring light to the game, enhance bright minds
took flight like the first bullets startin’ a war
had to scuffle with the dull witted, love’s forfeited

the hood full of snitches, teenies turn b-tches
and cee be suspicious cause y’all live promiscuous
trust is a luxury, none of y’all grantin’
one person to have, y’all curse him this bad

the good people vanish, evil on this planet
is manifested and approved by these b-st-rds
no emotional intelligence, lessons
unheeded, y’all let your soul burn, be defeated

by heartlessness, joblessness is bringin’ darkness
to kids and their future, what we’re used to live in
you’ve given up, why ain’t you grippin’
the tanto, committin’ seppuku by slittin’

the guts up, i have enough of your cowardice
gallons of blood i’m gon’ spill of the powerless
iron fist, iron will, bringin’ rapocalypse
this is what i insisted on hence i exist

i made mcs dizzy, turnin’ rap 360
full circle first record, who wants to see the cee
and his metal plated gauntlet
the mic on grip, ready to strike, this is iron fist!