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concrete cee – navajo’s fire dance lyrics


[verse 1]
beware of the man who does not talk
and the dog that does not bark
these are the lessons that we learn in life
and our first teacher is our very own heart

which becomes hard when we move away from nature
big city water supplies are running short
cause we bring saws to the trees, genocide to the bees
drills to the soil just to fuel cars

we forgot it’s more dishonorable to be dishonest
than it is to be poor
people wanna judge with the sword, but be judged by god
and they cower when they’re faced with the ghosts that they called

and still, you wonder if the tepco executives
would be best served to commit seppuku
for endangering the planet, with their lies
and the damage, all they seem to care about is the revenue

but who’s gonna be the kaishaku-nin?
is the strike to be made by an environmentalist?
or a panelist for economic interests that are shared
by some rich white gentlemen?

as they say: take one for the team
on the global chess board there just are no queens
it’s funny how the managers are hunters
and the hunters can’t manage but indulge in their greed…

humankind has not woven the web of life
we are but one thread within it
whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves
all things are bound together
all things connect

[verse 2]
deforestation in romania and
two thirds of people want a tyrant back
the aral sea is turning to a puddle
once the area is dry, it’s dead

a thin blue hose is the water source
for a favela in sao paulo
the government didn’t formulate a backup plan
for the drought forecast like a pretty long while ago…

you can be the ruler of this world, but believe
that the planet is a lot more powerful
it can wipe whole towns out, with floods and quakes
and storms, then you say “they only hit the poor”

arrogance to be sure
call it pride before the fall
but egotism never takes down just one
it’ll take many more

fracking is safe, so they say
the polluted groundwater seems to argue otherwise
but nestlé keeps bottling millions of liters
so everything’s supposed to be fine, right?

like saving rainwater is a crime, right?
oceanagold suing for mining rights
while poisoning the soil of el salvador
taste of the future, watch’em talk in hindsight

ghana’s cracking down on the gold mines
that are run illegally by the chinese
centuries later and africa is still
being raped by outside invaders

renewable energies are affordable
look at iceland running on geysers
while wars are being fought over fossil fuels
and the price of the resource keeps rising

technology is there, but they block it
cause companies are scared of losing profits
see, the natives have warned us
one day we will regret if we ignore them

technology is there, but they block it
cause companies are scared of losing profits
the natives have warned us
we will regret if we ignore them

when all the trees have been cut down
when all the animals have been hunted
when all the waters are polluted
when all the air is unsafe to breathe
only then will you discover you cannot eat money