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condor (band) – horrifier lyrics


comes by night, dragged from your bed
impending doom, inside your head
he’s in your dreams, you can’t excape
when he has appeared, it’s too late

his rotting face is filled with maggots
repulsive being, expulsing abscess
pulls you into his spectral tomb
back you’re sent to death’s womb

horrifier, horrifier!

he ties you up onto his altar
the fierce malicious stalker
preparing his victims for the torture
knows your fears, he knows your horror

praying on the weak, the innocent
women, children and infants
he has no boundaries, he is the evil
eternal sleep, nightmares upheaval

horrifier, horrifier!

rotting flesh, reeks of death
the foul stench of putrefaction
incubus, lucid dreaming
no escape, unceasing torment