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condor (band) – riders of violence lyrics


you’ll hear us coming, the riders doom
get ready to spend eternity in a tomb
a reign of terror is upon the false
burning your homes and enjoying your desperate calls

we are the furious militia from h-ll
there will be no posers left to hear the knell
blood is dripping from your eyes and ears
can’t tell your blood from your tears

we stomp on your head and we cut your wrist
i will make you l1ck the blood off my fist
bashing your skulls against the cross
poser sc-m like you can’t f-ck with us

there is no justice, no mercy for wimps
no use to cry, you f-cking gimps
you’re barely breathing and you’re gasping for air
the pain has finally overcome your fear

we bring you to death
and watch you take your last breath
we are the warriors of h-ll
the riders of violence!

a strike of blasphemy is heading your way
all poser b-st-rds will have to pay
stabbing you, along with all your friends
we won’t be satisfied until your life ends

you cling to your life, as we break your bones
the riders of death ignore your moans
all you can see is leather and chains
soon we will all feast on your brains

[repeat x2]
you’re thrown in pile of burning death
your nose fills with the stench of the reaper’s morbid breath
your body stops responding as your skin turns to ash
you were tortured and k!lled by the warriors of thrash