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conejo – professor lyrics


[verse 1]
professor, profes stay to the streets
but this ain’t no religion
this a mystical speech
just peek, into the ghostly eyes
they slamming from the chiva
and they caught a surprise
i share a bond
but some years are gone
i’m a westside felon with the 4 4 long
sing along
and be part of the chorus
i could see muthuf-ckers like the iron walrus
homie store this
the lab arisen your mind
ese memory banks
filled with c-o-n rhymes
a chamber, astain the rope
regalistic murder ese be the winds short
library’s, the catalog weapon
download a curse
the west was strengthen
plus the veil, of secrecy
behind the madness ain’t shit to me
cus my child hood
been a crazy lifetime
for many of us we just bomb on sight
i’m imperial rabbs
in a cosmic sense
i’m a road scientist ese cooking that meth
in my book rhymes cured
i’m a serekive son
dope was my dad and mom was a gun
i hance the possession a warrior priest
and i’ma silence those that be willing to speak
who fail to reserve the code we live by
i start with murder 2 could die
suicide slums full of traffickers
b-tch say something and we after her
she schemed against
so she deemed to fail
unstoppable force
the corpse just fell
this a psychic link along with couraging fella
a medicine k!lla
half mexica and spaniard

professor, that’s what i am
enroll in my cl-ss
and i’ll teach you to blast
professor, why you give me the meth?
cus you don’t pay attention when the subject is meth
professor, just give me ah chance
i could bring 3 bricks if you let me advance