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conejo – put the weed up lyrics


you already know what it’s like
when motherf-cker from west side harpys
be on one
and you know me
i’m on that psychopathic shit
shit i got all up in my mind
shit i write down
and i thought i come out here tonight
and share it with you
havin’ that i’m from the west side
you from the west side
we on the same page
you dig

[verse 1]
put the weed up
the flow is g’d up
and when its time to get the paper
c-o-n got re-up
take flight
you know i k!ll on sight
ese bounty on my head
but i’m a stay for the fight
i take off
like a fighter jet
and i don’t give a f-ck
i’ll smoke all your vets
you get friendly with cops
you old snitching m-th-f-ckers
i get vicious with glocks
ese been on the block
with the chicos and dukes
39 tokers town
disappearing them fools
the rag is blue
ese i thought you knew
c-o-n come through
and you catching the blues
and i could name several streets
in the 213
where you would shits pants
cause you a punk -ss flee
young g
r-a two b’s
m-th-f-cker smack back
got the town under siege
on it’s f-cken knees
took a drag off the blunt
homie p-ss that weed
over here
i’m in the microphone booth
m-th-f-cker spit a verse
that the gangs salute
f.b.i. – a.t.f
u.s. marshall and swat
ese all up in the spot
trying to get that rock
the batter ram
caved in my door
but i was on the east
with a flock of snow
making doe
you know them streets get cold
i got these puerto rican hoes
stripping for this c-ke
the homie choked
off the chronic bowl
52 inch plas
ps3 i zoned
ese no
and i ain’t gonna f-cken stop
ese i’m a cook gl-ss
and pump that rock
ain’t n-body in the game
that could take my spot
cause even if they tried
they -ss get shot
and i’m a keep it g
for the 213
ese unmarked cars
trying to follow me
someones working
with the f-cken feds
who could it be
that would betray the gang
until then m-th-f-ckers
i ain’t trusting shit
cause they know we got the weapons
used to k!ll them pricks
they wait till 6
it was a hit and miss
cause i fled in the night
with my gangster b-tch
phone taps
and the area maps
knowing all the spots
were we move that crack
made a move to soon
cause all they f-cken found
was a empty -ss room
and i’m the fugitive
that they want so bad
b-tch -ss rappers try do it
it don’t work they mad
out to f-cken vegas
before i’m on a mission
out to smoke these haters

[outro: gangster]