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connie dungs – twenty years lyrics


it’s been twenty years and i’m getting older
twenty years and i’m going nowhere
twenty years and i’m growing coder inside
it’s been twenty years and i’m not back in school
twenty years and i’m tired of being cool
twenty years, what am i gonna do with my life?
it’s my life
f-ck this life
i hate my life

i don’t wanna sit on my -ss
don’t wanna join no working cl-ss
don’t wanna grow up too fast
don’t wanna be an adult
i’m wondering what i’m gonna be
i’m broke, i spend my money
on tapes, cd’s, and putting out a zine

i don’t wanna fit in your mold
don’t wanna do the things i’m told
don’t wanna live life being old
don’t wanna be an adult
i know that i’m just a lazy b-m
never held a job for very long
i always quit when i’m just catching on