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conrad keely – before the swim lyrics


[verse 1]
we’re often long i’ve asked you why
you run from a field when the bullets fly
could it be that you’re afraid of dying
don’t you know when you’re asked to come home
it’s the greatest [?] you could ever know
a blessing could be bestowed upon your life
when the evening comes we’ll sing along
to the sound of the wave and the beat of the drum
dancing like we’ll never breathe again
and that’s a block you stained on the brand new day
reflect upon the charred remains
of the fact that though you thought your daughter was your friend

[verse 2]
well they make rings sits of the battleships
she knows that she’s no longer missed
by the prince of thieves who came to steal her heart
he walked up ship sails into the sun
in hopes of finding another one
to replace the love she gave to a dying star
but i know that someday we’ll agree to breathe again
and i know that will lonely when
you say you love me
carry on and envy by the fools you loathed by they’re indifferent