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conscience – oh now your sorry lyrics



oh now you’re sorry
saying that your longing for me
screaming that i’m slow and boring
only get a call when i know your h-rny
when i know you’re h-rny, i knew it
trying to say that i was wrong, saying that i’m not involved
that never meant lick his b-lls you dumb b-tch

[chorus x2]

[verse 1:]

stop texting my -ss
hope they never find a cure for that rash
trying to tell me that it is apparent
for the last time you’re not my dad
so i hit her with the dab then i hung up
now she’s try to call me back and i’m like what?
what you need? what you need? what you need?
what do you need? because i know it isn’t me
i made a mistake, really
tripping is a mistake
you’re swallowing until his b-lls are hollowing
now he’s hollering to swallow it but i don’t really tolerate it
goodbye, hope you have a good life
should have been a hookah the way you suck pipe but
then you had to let him slide it
rule it from the back like biden, i don’t abide it
can’t hide it, why should i get violent?
you’re the one who cheated
why am i not heated but you are?
see i’d rather die alone with blue b-lls
go try to patch it, must be smoking that crack shit
and i know you’ll keep asking, but all i’ll say when i’m laughing is

[chorus x2]